Mary a gift to Kenya a reception of the Marian dimension in the Kenya Context

For the long essay which was part of this theology studies, Brother Joseph Kahiro Mwaura, better known as Jomo Maria, presents Mary, a Gift to Kenya: A Reception of the Marian Dimension in the Kenya Context. Brother Jomo is a member of the Marianist Region of Eastern Africa which includes Kenya, Malawi, and Zambia.

There are many reasons why Mary is a gift, but all are summarized in one word, salvation. Mary is the one who can keep us united in one true faith; she is the won who can help us grow in the qualities of Jesus; she is the one who can help us be truly African, be true and fertile mothers, and be a people of faith dedicated to God.

As is clear in this presentation, the role of Mother in the Kenyan context is very real and significant. Brother Jomo develops a number of important themes relating to parenting, bearing life, modelling a stance in the face of difficulty, and, above all, enfleshing the Word, that is, inculturating the faith in Kenya.

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